Title Search – A title search or abstract of the records in the Courthouse provides information regarding the ownership, liens and rights of other parties to a particular piece of land. The title search, in the form of an Information Certificate or Title Commitment, is prepared by one of our title examiners and is the result of their study of the documents found in the chain of title and their determination as to their effect on the title to that particular piece of land.
Foreclosures –  Due diligence discovery for determining any in process or existing foreclosures related to the title of the current property.
Liens/Judgments – Courthouse records discovery of all potential encumbrances against the title of a property including mortgages, property tax liens, IRS tax liens, contractor liens, judgment liens, child support and/or alimony  liens that would impact a property settlement.
Criminal check –  In cooperation with professional agencies, we pull and obtain criminal record searches from current background checks.

Title Search and Report Services

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